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Time is Money:

In business time is literally money, losing a couple minutes may not seem like a lot, but imagine all the minutes lost in a year. With our synchronized clocks these minutes will be reduced to mere seconds. All workers will be on time and can be held accountable as all of our clocks are synchronized, guaranteeing maximum efficiency. When all employees are held accountable by our digital clocks, subconsciously, they will work harder and more efficiently to not fall behind. Allowing your business to maximize profits and maximize the productivity of the employees. While boosting time efficiency is the biggest pro of utilizing our clock system, time efficiency correlates to profit. The more time an employee is spending on one particular task the less time they have to work on other factors that affect the profit of your business. With our synchronized clocks the employees will be reminded of the time and encouraged to increase their time efficiency which will lead to an increase in profit.

Event Timers – Achieve your project goals with our event timer and message board, making everyone aware of a key mile stone is critical to “make it happen” organizations. Add event timers in key areas like conference room, your cafeteria or your “war room” and the name of the project, event or key customer, and see how it helps you make it happen. Communicate to your team like you market to your customers and your can achieve amazing results. We have cases of companies that saved millions and hit key targets using these internal marketing techniques.


With the rapid expansion of globalization, more and more businesses are involved in multiple regions and time zones. Utilizing our multiple zone clocks will guarantee that business in other regions or countries will operate smoothly. By always knowing the time of other companies your business will be portrayed as very professional, with the help from our multiple zone clocks. Ensuring a good first impression with international or regional businesses is the first step into creating a lasting relationship that the business can always rely on. DDS multiple clocks will also help to make sure that shipments arrive at the correct times in places that have different time zones. Again, advocating professionalism and reducing the complications of handling international business.

Attract Customers: DDS LED clocks and message boards will attract customers to the business. These clocks are bright with a great contrast that will attract the eye of your customers (we get complements from our customers all the time) anybody passing by, creating future customers simply by using our clocks. We, also, offer high quality blue and green LED’s that are perfect for attracting the eye of passing consumers.

Blue and green, LED makes a big difference – our Blue and green LED’s has special wave length visible from a further distance and look amazing. –


All Digital Display Systems clocks are made in America from the highest quality material.

  • Every Digital Display Systems product is made from high quality super bright LED that can be visible from 30ft. in our smallest clocks to as far as approximately 500ft. in our largest clocks.
  • Our shatterproof lens can be made from acrylic or polycarbonate material for years of endurance and resistance to scarring and heat.
  • Power supplies are provided with surge protection to prevent damage from random unexpected power spikes.
  • Every clock is framed with black anodized or clear coated aluminum instead of plastic to increase resistance to corrosion and wear and tear.

Digital Display Systems offer the best price without cutting corners or materials to ensure the longest life span up to 10-20 years and maximum brightness. Digital Display Systems also provide a 2-year warranty for every clock for repair labor and materials, as well as a lifetime guarantee of customer service and technical support provided a real person through email or phone five days a week, 8am – 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

Every Digital Display System product is made-to-order and can be fully customized to fit each customer’s need. For a list of options, please see (here).



Critical Situations: In the moments between life and death time is everything. Doctors and other medical staff must know the precise time, as it could be the critical seconds between saving a life and losing a life. Having a synchronized clocks can be very beneficial in these moments as all doctors and nurses in the hospital will be relying on the same precise time. Allowing for the staff to make sure everyone has the decisive time when dealing with a code blue situation, so there isn’t any confusion during a patient’s cardiopulmonary arrest. A very important aspect in dealing with a code blue is having all personal remain calm; a simple step to make the situation calmer is by using synchronized clocks so that there is never any confusions with the time. Use our standard or custom code blue clocks with code blue message board to display time and or code blue status.

Accuracy: Patients that stay long term will need medication at the right times to ensure a speedy recovery. Using DDS synchronized clocks will make sure that all patients receive their proper medication at the correct time. Using synchronized clocks will also make sure that doctors and staff are held accountable so no mistakes are made when dealing with long term patients. This can help prevent future lawsuits for malpractice as all staff in the hospital will be aware of where they need to be and will be there at the correct time with the help of DDS synchronized clocks.

While it is impossible to predict a doctor or nurse’s schedule since events at hospitals are so unpredictable, using the DDS clock network will ensure that the staff will always be aware of the precise time. The staff will be able to maximize their efficiency in the unpredictable hospital when they always know the explicit time, allowing them to reach their destination at the correct time. While regular clocks may seem like an option, using synchronized clocks can make a difference of minutes into one of seconds which can result in saving multiple patients.

Quality: our code blue buttons can be with or without light, but most importantly you would like the timer to respond to a touch, with a standard of 10,000,000 clicks , you can be assured that when you need it it will respond, not like other switches that stand 50,000 clicks only.



Every school, from the smallest K-12 school to the largest sprawling university campus, needs an accurate and visible time source to run efficiently. Digital Display System’s wireless and GPS synchronized clock systems provide the perfect solution and are virtually maintenance-free. Every clock is accurate to the millisecond and updates automatically for daylight savings time changes, saving the time and hassle of adjusting each clock and allowing faculty staff to focus on more important projects and to increase productivity. On the rare occasion an adjustment or correction needs to be made, it is as simple as making the change on one master clock and allowing the rest of the clocks in the system to synchronize.

For Teachers:

An accurate and maintenance-free wireless clock system allows teachers to manage and plan their day precisely to increase learning time and productivity for their students. A synchronized network is especially vital to standardized test settings where teachers must ensure students in every classroom start their tests at the exact same time.


  • If we use GPS or NTP (with DST) no maintenance is required.
  • Every clock could have a remote and a timer to show time left for class of for a test.
  • Can also add electronic lettering for mass communication for emergency situations….



For Students:

All Digital Display Systems clocks use the highest quality super bright LED displays, making it easy for students to see and keep track of the time even from the back of the classroom. With a synchronized network that ensures each clock in every classroom and meeting room are kept at the same time, students can leave and arrive for class on time without the fear of tardiness due to a difference in time in two classrooms. By being aware of the correct time at all times, students will be able to be to learn time management and planning skills on their own, skills that can be applied at home and in the students’ future.

  • Showing a timer can help students and teacher plan their time better in class or in test.


Benefits in Customer Service Organizations:

Productivity: Using DDS wireless clock system will increase productivity and ensure employees are aware of the time they have spent with a customer. If an employee is spending too much time with a customer they will be able to transfer the customer to a better source when they are aware of the explicit time, a possibility that is guaranteed with our accurate digital clock systems. Not only will this benefit the employee, but most importantly using a DDS network will benefit the customers and their experience with the company. Leaving a customer happy with the customer service will help secure future business, leading to an increase in customer ratings and profit.

  • Deal closing counters: have a goal to close a certain number of deals per day/week/year. Use DDS takt time goal vs actual board to show where you area against your target. In a similar way you can measure number of calls made per day or lead generation counter.


Production line productivity: The key benefit of acquiring production counters and timers from Digital Display Systems is to increase productivity. Using a DDS TAKT time and production time display boards that displays the goal will encourage employees to focus on their task in order to not fall behind and hit their target. There is a feature called Takt time which allows a production rate goal to be set, making employees maximize their time efficiency to hit the production rate goal. Also, it will allow you, the employer, to see if your company’s efficiency is living up to your standards. If your production lines are exceeding expectations workers can designate their time in other areas. Increasing your company’s efficiency and in turn increasing profit.

Using special timers, you can display down time in your bottleneck areas and set goals to reduce down time. When implementing lean projects it is key to monitor your bottleneck area first before improving other areas.



Takt Time:

Takt time allows you to continuously change the goal. An example would be if you wanted a product to be produced 5 times every 10 seconds. The Takt time would start from zero seconds and as soon as it hits 10 seconds the goal number will increase by 5 allowing the goal to continuously change by the wanted production rate, and the Takt time would reset at 0 seconds. This way employees are always aware if their running behind schedule, or you are able to find out if your production goal is to easily achievable. Allowing you, the employer, to maximize profits by either increasing the production rate or hiring fewer employees to reach you production goal.

Switchbox and Sensors:

To increase the actual number of products made it is possible to use a button that when pressed will increase the number of products.

IR Sensor:

An IR, or infrared, sensor works by using sensors to detect light wavelengths and can be used to detect a specific material whether it is plastic or cardboard. This allows flexibility as the IR sensor can be set to sense different products and is more efficient than using a button.

Metal Sensor: The metal sensor is used to count metal products specifically. The benefit of using a metal sensor is that it is very precise, it can be used to count very small pieces of metal that would be hard to count by hand.


Bottleneck / line down management

Every operation has at least one area known as the bottleneck where a downtime will slow the amount of material passing through a factory, or throughput, and immediately reduce a company’s total productivity. (Explain lean manufacturing)

There have been countless books written on bottleneck management and other overarching concepts like lean manufacturing, including:

As an analogy, the pit is the bottleneck in car racing where racers must go in and out of as quickly and as smoothly as possible, and careful time management is the difference between the winners or losers. In other words, bottlenecks must never stall and must be run as efficiently as possible. Many organizations invest in different methods to improve their bottleneck throughput, and as an operations leader, I have implemented many of these methods myself. Today, we offer a great solution to compliment your lean approach to it. The key is marketing and awareness, and our production alert timer is a great solution for it.

Digital Display Systems timers are customizable to count down or count up and can be easily set by an infrared remote or switchbox. The timer can also work as an alert system after the set time has elapsed and can be equipped with flashing lights, an audible buzzer, or both. An alert can also be sent to management through email or text if the set time has elapsed. Whether you are working on developing your cookbook and minimizing change overs or doing some scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, you will be amazed what this ease of access can do to help drive improvements and push forward improvement.

A TAKT time production counter combines the function of a timer and production counter and is used to:

  • Count materials or products going through an assembly line either manually with the help of a switchbox or infrared remote or automatically with the help of an infrared (photosensitive?) sensor
  • Keep track of the time between production and compare it to the company’s targeted goal. Timer can be set manually or automatically when the counter’s sensor is activated.
  • Alert management and employees if the time between production is longer than the set time.
  • Provide valuable information on what the throughput is compared to the set goal to assist management on how to increase productivity.

Other examples of using our production counters:

  • Count hours throughput in your car service operations.
  • Count how many calls are taken by your customer service.
  • Measure how many boxes are shipped on your conveyer
  • Count how many metal pieces are going through your manufacturing line.
  • Count how many noodles your production line release per hour.
  • As an incident counter to show how many times a day the bottleneck went down, or how many days the line is incident-free.

While our products might seem like too large of an investment at first, the indispensable feedback that can be gathered from them will be worthwhile very quickly when it is utilized to improve productivity, streamline lean manufacturing, and save costs in the long run.


Lean manufacturing key points:

“According to research conducted by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC), fully 60% of production activities in a typical manufacturing operation are waste – they add no value at all for the customer.”

(Andon) Importance of Visual feedback system: displays production status and any defects are clearly seen. Using this type of system allows for a real time tool that can highlight any problems or waste, and can be instantly addressed because of this real time feedback system. Many employees waste valuable time looking for information with a visual display system employees don’t have to spend critical time searching for information. Instead, all employees are clearly given this information with a display system saving countless hours and minimizing labor waste. While making the investment to purchase a visual display system may seem daunting, the improvement in communication and productivity will easily lead to major profits from a simple investment.

Purpose: To improve communication and reaction time.

What it does: Exposes waste in material, time, and labor while displaying this, clearly, to all of the employees and managers. Having a visual display system shows critical information in simple terms, so no mistakes are caused by human error or that time is wasted looking for vital information. Also, having a constant reminder of the goal at hand will increase productivity, and allows for waste to be clearly highlighted.

On Time:

Using digital synchronized clock system will ensure that workers will not arrive late or leave early; the network of the wireless digital clock provides an unbeatable accuracy that eliminates this problem. Also, reducing confusion in-between shifts as all workers will leave and arrive at their expected time increasing time efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Preventing overpaying employees, will save money that seems little at first, but that can easily accumulate and will save money for your company. Applying this accuracy to meetings will ensure that all employees will be aware of the time and arrive on time to meetings. Think about the following scenario, you set up a staff meeting at 1pm, you have 50 employees in your shift and the meeting is delayed by 3 minutes just because a few employees are late, and maybe a few are early. That’s 50 x 3 = 150 minutes of lost productivity. (In my experience it is even more). Multiply that by 5 days for 50 weeks a year it costs you 625 hours a year or 1/3 employees. The exact same thing occurs when employees arrive and leave work, a problem easily solved by our synchronized clocks.

No Need for Maintenance: Little to no maintenance is needed to keep Digital Display Systems digital LED clocks running and accurate. Our clocks automatically change during daylight savings making our clocks maintenance free, while also ensuring that there is no confusion during daylight savings. Allowing the employees to focus on their job, and not worry about the accuracy of the clock as the clock’s network ensures its accuracy. Also, with our automatic features orders and schedules will never be missed. If all employees are aware of an order than the probability missing an order is reduced to zero.

GPS Vs. NTP master clock: Both the GPS (global positioning system) and NTP (network time protocol) clock systems are wireless and easy to install. The biggest difference between the two systems is that the GPS clock is considered to be more accurate in keeping time to the microsecond (one millionth of a second) while NTP systems are accurate to a tenth of a second. The GPS also utilizes an external antenna while the NTP is connected to the local internet through an ethernet cable. If you would like to read more on the differences between GPS and NTP, please read the GPS vs. NTP Master Clock article.

GPS, NTP synchronization.

Emergency systems:

In areas with extreme weather, accurate time is critical, especially when a matter a few seconds can save lives. Knowing the difference in seconds between when a tornado will strike can save lives. For these types of situations, we offer GPS clocks that are accurate to the microsecond ensuring the best chance for everyone in that situation to survive. DDS also provide weather display boards where you can set multiple messages and set them as needed.


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