Lean Visual Factory System

Boost productivity, quality, and employee engagement through DDS plug-and-play real time production monitoring

The BPCN production counter line provides versatile functionality as a standalone device or as a site-wide visibility system. Start as a single unit and expand incrementally via the incorporation of sensors, RFID technology, barcode readers, and custom control panels.

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BPC-49940 Single Production Counter

Single Actual Production Counter


Most cost-efficient model allows operators to keep track of actual number of units produced while still collecting other metrics in the background. Other KPIs remain viewable via remote view and downloadable by managers.

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6 Digit Master Clock

Process TAKT / Downtime Tracker


Process TAKT Timer counts down expected cycle time and restarts when product is completed. If timer runs out before product is completed, display will flash and count up to show downtime. Downtime reasons input options available.

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Process TAKT / Downtime Tracker


This display combines both the single production counter and process TAKT/Downtime tracker.

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BPC-49940-3 Takt Time Production Counter

3-Position Pace Production Counter


The 3-position Pace Production Counter displays Actual count, Goal count, and Goal TAKT Time in one unit. Goal TAKT time sets the production pace, automatically increasing goal count and resetting timer when it reaches 0.

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3-Position Process TAKT/Downtimer
Production Counter


Similar to the 3-position pace production counter, this model displays the Process TAKT timer which swaps to the Downtime tracker when a product is not completed in time. Recommended to order with the andon light for an additional audiovisual alert.

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