The Quad Sided Digital Clocks are great for large hallways or rooms to see the time from all four sides. Our 4-sided clocks are often installed in gymnasiums, arenas, and manufacturing warehouses. DDS will also include at least one ceiling mount that can withstand and hold up the sturdiness of the quad clocks reliably and safely up to 60lbs. 

Additionally, the clocks can come with a wireless remote for easy setup and changes without the need to take them down. Of course, with automatic daylight savings updates and up to 1-second a year accuracy, the clocks are virtually maintenance-free. They will also come with an internal transformer for easier installation.

BSA-42440-G Quad Clock

4 Digit Quad Sided Digital Clocks







6 Digit Quad Sided Digital Clocks

DSA-62470-4 Quad Clock