Digital Display Systems’ network clock system offers the ability to synchronize clocks and ensure reliable and accurate time in all buildings, offices, and rooms for schools, commercial businesses, medical and government facilities. Choose from three types of our digital LED master clocks: standard master clocks, GPS master clocks, and NTP/Ethernet master clocks. Then select from a variety of secondary clocks, also known as “slave clocks” to connect to the master clock via a wired or wireless radiofrequency connection.

What are the Benefits of a DDS Synchronized Network Clock System?

The main benefit of a network clock system is that ensures all clocks are reliable and uniform, which can be critical to the day-to-day operations of any school, hospital, or business. Facilities with unsynchronized clocks will find that their clocks will eventually drift by a few seconds to even tens of minutes. By switching to a network clock system, you can save the time and effort it takes to examine and fix every clock. Depending on the chosen configuration, Digital Display Systems network clocks can communicate with each other and synchronize every day, every minute, or every second. Any changes made on the master clock will effortlessly transmit to every other clock in the network. Synchronized clocks will also update automatically for daylight savings changes every year.

While most network clocks in the market only offer analog clocks or only a handful of clock styles, DDS offers you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of clock styles and customize it. Many of our digital clocks can be converted to be a part of a network clock system, including our larger multi time zone clocks. Virtually, an unlimited number of clocks can be added to the network with your choice of single twisted-pair RS485 wire cables or FCC/IC approved wireless radio frequency signals.

Browse Master Clocks

GPS Master Clock

The GPS Master includes a GPS bullet antenna with 50-100ft cable to receive signal from orbiting GPS satellites and provides the most accurate time of the three options.


DDS Standard Master Clock

The DDS Standard Master is the most affordable master clock model that utilizes its own internal real time clock chip with TCXO to keep accurate time. 


NTP/Ethernet Master Clock

The Ethernet / NTP (Network Time Protocol) Master connects to a local or external server to keep precise times that are up to national standards. Make your NTP clocks even more cost effective by making them PoE (Power Over Ethernet).

Have any questions on the different Master Clocks?

Compare and learn more about the differences between the GPS and NTP master clock to find out which one is best suited for you. Or contact us directly.

Browse Secondary Clocks

DDS Digital Secondary Clocks

Browse our catalog of standard DDS digital slave clocks to be added to any DDS master clock system. Can be wired via RS485 cable or wireless via radio frequency communication. Mix and match by choosing any combination of styles and clock types. 

Replacement Secondary Clocks

We get it. You might already have an existing master clock system from another company. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a secondary clock from us. Learn more about compatible clock systems and how to add a DDS clock to your network.

Convert an Existing Clock

If you own several of our standalone digital clocks, consider converting them into a DDS clock system and save on future maintenance costs. Just contact us and let us know what existing clocks you currently have to get started.

Wired or Wireless Clock System?

Wired Clock System

Wireless Clock System