GPS 2.5" Master Clock: MGP-25 – $1142

MGP-25 Features

Our LED GPS master clock uses satellite signals to correct its own internal clock. This timing pulse is synchronized to UTC (universal coordinated time) within one micro-second with one micro-second discontinuities. These discontinuities represent corrections to the GPS clock receiver’s internal system.

In many timing applications such as in 911 emergency dispatch centers, time/frequency standards, site synchronization systems, and event measurement /tagging systems, LED GPS clock receivers are replacing older timing technologies. The GPS constellation consists of 24 orbiting satellites with each one containing a highly stable atomic (cesium) clock, which is continuously monitored and corrected by the GPS control segment. Consequently, the GPS constellation can be considered a set of 24 orbiting GPS clocks with worldwide 24-hour coverage.

In addition to serving as a highly accurate standalone time source, GPS clock receivers are used to synchronize distant LED digital clocks in communication or data networks. This is possible since every LED GPS clock is corrected to a common master clock. Therefore, the relative clock error is the same, regardless of which satellites are used. For timing applications requiring a “common clock,” a GPS master clock is the ideal solution.