Digital Display Systems strives to provide the highest value to its customer by optimizing functionality and easing use while putting the highest quality components together to make our clocks functional for many years to come.

In addition, Digital Display Systems provides great customer service and technical support, allowing our customers to consult with our knowledgeable tech supports and provide standard and custom solutions for our costumer’s clocks in the most efficient way possible.

Key products and services:

Synchronized Master clock:

GPS synchronized master clock, NTP master clock and stand-alone internal RTC master clock.

Clock systems:

Wired clock systems:

Supports hundreds of wired digital clocks using RS323/RS485 digital communication and synced clock 8 times per second. Our system can support multiple time formats, like IRIG B, BCD Simplex, 58 minutes synchronization and more.

Wireless clock system:

Use our 900 MHZ RF system to deploy large or small-synchronized wireless clock systems w/o the expensive wired installation cost.

Custom time zone clocks:

We make any type of time zone clocks you need, for military use, hotels, corporation, financial intuitions, or any one that needs to have immediate access to multiple locations, and would like to add elegance to his/her corporate office. We also make an architect series for 3D like clock systems that will wow your customers with ultra modern sophisticated time zone clocks that have a functional time system, combined with a message board application. Our systems can be controlled via Ethernet, your PC, IR keyboard or IR remote. Depending on the security level you require, we have a solution for you.


Lean manufacturing and efficiency improvement:

In addition to time systems that will surprise you about how quickly you will get a return on your investment, we also provide Quality incident boards, Safety incident boards, Product counters, Takt time boards, Goal vs. actual production counters, and anything else you can think of.

Production counters:

You can connect our production counters to your PLC, or your MIS system, or just add a sensor to it to automatically count a variety of materials that range from boxes and bottles, to transparent material and metals, and any other materials that you need, we are able to find a sensor for you.


Traffic counters:

Add an IR sensor or Pad sensor to count traffic in your manufacturing facility, store, mall, or anywhere you would like to measure traffic. If you want to see how many times an operator needs to leave the station, add a pad sensor counter.



We have standard timers or special timers that include:

Event Timers:

Time between failure M_TBF timers, downtime timers, safety and emergency area timers, bottleneck timers, and task/project/operation timers set to a dead line.

Large competition timers:

Used for swimming pools, running competitions, amusement parks, basketball courts, football fields, and indoor wall climbing gyms that include IR sensors or a mushroom button to stop and show the last 10 best results with or without a buzzer. Quiz competition timers that present the competitors names, large debate timers, and pitch timers with a remote and a buzzer are also available.


Code blue timers:

We make standard code blue timers with real time clocks, or custom code blue timers that show real time alongside a timer with stainless steel plate buttons.

Process control timers:

We make timers made for places that have a special process that require repetitive timers and a buzzer such as baking timers and pharmaceutical timers.


The DDS value:

Response time:

We guaranty a 24-hour response time to custom quotes and technical support. In many cases you will get a less than 4-hour response time, to make sure you get the information you need in a timely manner.



You can trust DDS products because of our clients that include the NASA, CIA, FBI, EBay, Google, Apple, small gyms, large gyms as well as many airports, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. We have been in service for 4 decades, always producing the finest, sturdiest, and highest quality digital clocks. We have customers that send clocks for repair after 25 years, which is unheard of in today’s product life shelf of 2-5 years. Digital Display Systems  (DDS) offers a two-year warranty on any time keeping product, displaying the trust in our products, while our product is less expensive and of higher quality than the competition. We believe that only products of the highest quality should be sent to our customers, with a full array of products like time-zone clocks, Digital Timers, Production counters, Sensor driven counters, Alarm displays, and a complete network of clocks and message boards.



Our clocks and time systems are easy to install and to manage. You receive the clock fully configured to your needs and all you do is plug and play, putting the plug into a power source. If you need to make a change down the road there is no need to worry about spending hours trying to install our clocks because of our simple instructions and easy-to-use clocks. Still, if you need support we are here to help. We offer unbeatable customer service that will always be happy to help and that allows you to speak with a live technician to help you fix your problem.



Time is the money, and cash is king, is a popular phrase that is true for many businesses. Our products, either clock systems or production counters ensure that we help your business optimize its time usage for increased profits and cash flow. Our clocks are more than just time keeping devices; they are also investments with ROI (return on investments). DDS clocks can help push your company to another level of productivity and become more distinct from the competition. Every second that is wasted on clocks will never come back and is gone as waste. By using Takt time boards, you make every second count. You will also find out how losing only 6 seconds per step can help you increase productivity by 10%.

Our easy to install digital clocks can help every company reach their goals by helping highlight wasted time. Call us today and speak with our process expert to see how digital times, clocks, and production counters can help you boost efficiency.

Oh, and if you want to implement a lean manufacturing process, give us a call to see how we can help you make it happen even faster. Most of our customers buy one unit and implement it in one of their manufacturing lines, and then order more to get these low hanging fruits. These units include Quality boards, Safety boards, Productivity boards and of course, Digital time clocks.



What is the main function of a clock? Of course, the answer is to tell the time. Our NTP (Network Time Protocol) clocks are accurate to +/- 100 milliseconds while our GPS clocks are even more precise by being accurate to +/- 1 microsecond. Also, our stand-alone clocks can be adjusted to achieve +/- 1-second accuracy.



We have built thousands of projects that are one-of-a-kind for our customers. If you have a specific need, we can help you achieve that goal. From adding sensors to our displays, to achieving a specific functionality, we can help. A few examples of this is if you have a critical process that you would like to complete in a certain amount of time and our automated timers can kick and alert your management if the process takes too long. This ranges from a bottleneck in your process to an employee that went into a hazard zone. All these can help you mitigate risk or to get the attention you need to monitor a critical process by adding visual and audio alerts, all is possible with our tech team.


Customer Service:

Speaking with our own live technician gets rid of the hassles faced when dealing with computer automated responses or spending hours trying to find a little solution on a website. Since we are committed to help you save time in any way possible, we make our products as simple as possible to help you achieve just that.

Made in America:

Our products are proudly made in america, designed and built in San Jose the Capital city of the silicon valley in California. We also supports our veteran community and proud to give back to those who serve us.

Have a question or a project you need help with, we are just a call away at 408-734-9871.

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