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Digital Display Systems comes to you with 40+ years of experience in the design and manufacturing of LED time equipment and displays. We offer personalized sales and technical support to help you build a fully custom product best tailored for your unique needs.

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Time Zone Clocks

Up to 24-zone displays. Build your own world clock and choose between multiple styles, colors, sizes, and add-ons. Secure, reliable and accurate.

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Standalone Clocks

Browse our selection of single wall or ceiling clocks. Double-sided or quad-sided clocks. Add month/day calendar or Julian date.

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Production Counters

Industrial and manufacturing displays include simply production counters, TAKT timers, and other efficiency improvement systems.

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Network Clock System

Synchronize an entire building with a wired or wireless clock system. For school, hospitals, and large manufacturing warehouses, consider adding a network bell system or break schedule.

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Event Timers

Single timer with multiple displays: real time, count up elapsed timer, and count down timer. Includes metric timers, code blue timers, event day timers, race timers, and more.

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