Our best selling stand alone clock keeps accurate time independently via its own internal real time clock chip for up to 1 second a year accuracy. The clock will update automatically during daylight saving changes in almost every global timezone. Install the clock in offices, schools, or hallways straight out of the box and walk away for maintenance-free timekeeping.

If any adjustments are needed, our wall clocks come with either a choice of switch buttons on the back or wireless remote. Users can easily configure 12-hour (AM/PM) or 24-hour (Military) time. A variety of sizes and colors are available. See below for more details.

BSA-42440 4 Digit Stand Alone Clock

4 Digit Stand Alone Digital Clocks







4 Digit 7" Stand Alone Digital Clocks

DSA-42470 7 inch large stand alone clock



BSA-62440 6Digit Stand Alone Clock

6 Digit Stand Alone Digital Clocks







6 Digit 7" Stand Alone Digital Clocks

DSA-62470 or DET-62470



Looking for a Synchronized Network Clock System?

Wired systems versus Wireless systems. GPS-synchronized clocks versus Ethernet/NTP clocks. Replacement secondary clocks. Whatever you are looking for, Digital Display Systems will be happy to help you.