MRS-25 2.5" Master Clock - $331

Our standard LED Master Clock uses its own internal timing mechanism to accurately display the time and synchronize any LED slave clock that you connect to it. Unlike our GPS Master Clock which automatically receives outside signals in order to display the time, our standard LED Master Clock is set manually.

MRS-25 Features

  • Master clock with switch button control on back
  • Internal TXCO real time clock chip for accurate timekeeping
  • RS485 cable for wired connection to slave clocks
  • Optional RF wireless connection to slave clocks available
  • 10 year lithium battery backup of memory in case of power outage
  • Bright red 2.5" height digit display with 1.8" seconds
  • Other available sizes: 1.8", 4", and 7"
  • Other available colors: Blue and Green (additional pricing)