The Benefits of Implementing a Remote Monitoring System

Why should you implement factory remote monitoring systems?

Maintaining factory systems, achieving faster and more reliable production runs, and reducing cost on a current manufacturing process without buying more machines is a growing concern for many factories in the production business. An IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) included with a factory remote monitoring system will help solve this problem in addition to helping you cut costs, improve profits, and has a very quick ROI (return on investment). IIoT remote monitoring system will save you time and money in your manufacturing facility. By having the technology at your fingertips, you will be able to take control of your factories operations and enhance equipment capabilities by up to 50%, many implementations can achieve at least 20% improvement. Eliminating wastes and maximizing your factory’s potential, this new remote system increases the productivity of individual machines without more manpower or the ability to have human error. Eliminating manual recording of pen and paper, clipboards, provide accurate data, and real-time presentation, allow you to fix and recover at the moment rather than view it in the rear mirror. You can start small by adding one device to measure one area or one metrics and grow with it over time. You can also add sensors and measure critical process variables, like temperature, vibration, humidity, or current, thus achieve complete process control. Adding a large display can provide a real-time indication to your manufacturing floor, allowing you to market your initiative and make your team part of the solution which will accelerate your ROI significantly. An example of metrics KPI’s you can develop or monitor are OEE, TPM, and TEEP. With your remote monitoring, you can allow your team to view the data, you can view the data remotely from any computer on your local network, and you can download the data for further analysis. and eliminate many of the wastes that cost most factories thousands of dollars in annual revenues.


OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a tool (further explained down below) that has been proven to, by showing the weaknesses and a lack of productivity in many factory systems, increase the productivity and efficiency of your machines, thus, saving you money. OEE has been around a long time and has helped improve the efficiency of factories from anywhere between 15% and 20%, but when paired with the Industrial Internet of Things as mentioned above, production can dramatically increase by 50% or more. Many companies, even today, have floor managers and workers using the traditional clipboard and pencil to copy information from sensors and gauges. An automated system will save money and manpower, creating a seamless flow from the machine to the software operating systems. More accurate than the manual collection of data, this automation uses the IIoT to configure an accurate and extensive report of your factory. With this report, you will find ways to reduce operating costs, reduce downtime, and improve the quality of your product(s).

Metrics of the Remote Monitoring System

As the issue of production and prolonged downtime has taken a toll on the overall efficiency of many factories, they have looked towards an automated service that helps identify such issues. Using service metrics such as OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance, OEE X Utilization), implementing a remote monitoring system will allow you to identify your largest sources of losses in your factory and effectively minimize them. Not only extracting information about the measurement of efficiency, but an OEE system should also help you understand where the underlying problems and wastes come from such as downtime, cycle time, and changeover times.

Why it’s Better Than Buying New equipment/Hiring More Employees

You may not realize it yet, but the productivity of your manufacturing system can be drastically increased without even acquiring more expensive or buying more equipment. Using the Industrial Internet of Things, the way factories can be utilized has changed forever. The implementation of remote monitoring systems categorizes how you can improve productivity in your factory system and allows you to do so at the fraction of the cost of getting more machines or hiring new employees. Instead of purchasing a new conveyor, a new press, a new die-cut, a new food processing equipment or a new oven, just add an IIoT monitoring controller device and monitor your KPI’s speed, the material used, productivity, temperature, and humidity. You can even measure and develop metrics for predictive maintenance to improve uptime and reduced unplanned downtime.

Well, it can be even cheaper than using a PLC and hiring a programmer and electrical engineer to put it all together. A well designed IIot device has already all the details laid-out and you can implement it within hours or minutes.  Using our smart efficiency system, factories are able to upscale their business’ efficiency and utilize their current resources with a very quick and practical ROI.


ROI (return on investment) is a great indicator to check if an investment makes economic sense. ROI has calculated through the formula: capital spent on improvement divided by the cost to implement the improvement. Our smart efficiency system provides a very quick ROI, allowing your factory to grow using our product. Since you can start small and grow with our system. A small investment of less than $1000 and 30 minutes discussion with our implementation engineer can get you a quick ROI. How quick? less than a month.

As an Example –  

  • Speak with your team and identify the area you need to improve, usually, a bottleneck, an area with high downtime, an area with high scrap or just an arae you belive need or can have an improvement. Many times savings of 30 sec per step can add-up very quickly.
  • Let’s assume you have a station with 2 employees and a process that takes 5 minutes per product. Your equipment cost is $50,000.
  • It is a bottleneck and you want to improve.
  • ROI calculation:
  • DDS IIoT ROI Calculation
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