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How to Improve the Efficiency of Large Object Manufacturing

A large object manufacturing facility of automobile tiny homes.

  Manufacturing large objects is a complex process that requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the materials and tools involved. Whether you are manufacturing large components for industrial machinery, producing parts for aerospace and defense applications, or creating sculptures and other works of art, improving the efficiency of your manufacturing […]

Synced Stations: Revolutionizing Large Object Manufacturing

Production floor barcode scanner to collect Downtime, Rejects, employee name, job name, batch names and other floor data

Large object manufacturing can be complex because of the size and weight of the objects. Oftentimes, one bottleneck in a large object manufacturing facility can halt the entire process. However, a floating group of skilled workers who are equipped with the necessary tools alongside synced manufacturing stations can ensure that objects move from one station […]

Improving bottleneck capacity using machine utilization

In the production industry, the bottleneck is a process in a production line that limits the entire chain of operation. Flow congestion increases cycle time, creates delays and higher production costs. A bottleneck can be a physical problem, such as a shortage of supplies, slow reporting, errors in scheduling or a computer network issue, such […]

8 largest wastes of lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a technique used to minimize wastes in an operating system that maximizes profits. Without adding new equipment or personnel, lean manufacturing creates a constant cycle of improvement. This system creates a balance in your workplace that reduces downtime, cycle time, and wastes. Although many companies are aware that they are inefficient, many […]

What is TPM?

Also known as Total Productive Maintenance, TPM is the lean manufacturing approach to improving manufacturing efficiency alongside OEE. Manufacturing systems and factories have many instances where one of their machines is down or inefficient. Many times machines don’t receive proper maintenance and factory workers wait until something is broken down to fix it. When this […]

What is OEE and what will it show me?

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is a great tool for trying to eliminate waste to produce as many usable products at the fastest rate possible. It can be measured using this very simple mathematical equation:                  Availability X Performance X Quality, and is a proven method to improve processing […]