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How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs Using an IIoT Monitoring System

Remote Monitoring IIT system adding value in today's manufacturing

Manufacturing costs are the costs that it takes to produce a product. Manufacturing costs include:  The products’ direct material – Metal, Plastic, wood, paper, electronic components, etc. Direct labor – Operators that physically touch the products Manufacturing overhead – Floor space, Management, Capex (capital costs), software, etc.  Unfortunately, a big portion of these costs are […]

The Benefits of Implementing a Remote Monitoring System

DDS IOT, industrial 4.0, smart manufacturing systems

Why should you implement factory remote monitoring systems? Maintaining factory systems, achieving faster and more reliable production runs, and reducing cost on a current manufacturing process without buying more machines is a growing concern for many factories in the production business. An IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) included with a factory remote monitoring system will […]